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Canvas Gate,Inc.

In both 2006 and 2007, we have successfully put together and implemented a three-week program with San Jose State University called the "Kyoto Program". With the help of Ryukoku University and Uji International Exchange Club in 2006, and the Horiba Ltd. and Kyoto Bus Company in 2007, we were able to make this program possible. We give them our humble thanks and extend our gratitude to the host families of Uji City, who so generously took in our students and provided a safe, fun and worthwhile experience throughout the students' say in Kyoto.

In June 2008, we plan on expanding upon our program by extending it out to four weeks and making it better then before. We look forward to the support and cooperation of all of those who have helped us in the present and future.

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Kaz Aoki
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2006 Kyoto Program
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Beginning in 2006, San Jose State University has put together and implemented a program in Japan geared towards students interested in Japanese culture, history and corporations. Canvas Gate is proud to work with San Jose State University in putting together the curriculum and managing the Kyoto Program. The program has gained a lot of support these last two years and has been a success with several students.